"Giving God the Helm" Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views

Overcoming Storms of Adversity 

Mark Kuhne Overcoming For Life, LLC (2011) ISBN 9780615429038 Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (5/11)

Kuhne likens life’s trials and tribulations to facing the turbulence of the open sea in a row boat. In his book “Giving God the Helm: Overcoming Storms of Adversity” Mark shares from his own life experiences to encourage the reader to make Jesus the Captain of their lives. He goes on to show the reader how; by turning over the helm of their life to Jesus, He will lead you into safer waters, in the midst of tumultuous life difficulties and adversities.
Throughout his story Mark refers to “The Parable of the Pontoon Boat.” He candidly tells how blinded by circumstances and enticed by visions of ownership and pleasure, against his better judgment, he became the owner of a pontoon boat. What started out as a “free gift” became a costly lesson, revealing Mark’s vulnerability, his weakness, and his stubborn heart. Later, in a similar instance, with much more at stake, Mark discovers the hard way that he has not learned his lesson and once again finds himself accepting what he thought was a favor (or free gift) which turned out to be a nightmare, the worst storm of his life.

Mark Kuhne’s writing is founded on proven Biblical principles, examples, and faith building lessons leading to spiritual growth and living victorious Christian lives. He uses the Old Testament story of the spirit of Jezebel to help the reader understand the forces of spiritual battles and the armor to fight these battles. He has a unique way of clearly articulating how to use the energy from your adversities to transform your life by applying your faith to help you proactively avoid the worst of storms to overcome anxiety, fear and depression.

Throughout the book are bold highlighted tips, advice and inspiration, for example: “No matter how difficult the circumstances, the experience will prepare you for something greater if you determine to learn and accept the lessons from God, your Captain.” The selected scripture passages that offer promise and possibility are another source of inspiration. Other important features are the comprehensive selection of Bible affirmations and suggestion resources.
Mark relates how, on occasion, he has found direction from the interpretations of dreams in the midst of a particular trial. This may raise a flag from some readers. However, I found Mark’s foundational theology to be solid.
After 25 years in banking, Mark Kuhne left his position as Community Bank President to pursue painting and writing full-time. He has included black and white replicas of many of his original paintings. These dramatically reinforce and impact a number of the Biblical examples included in the narrative.

“Giving God the Helm: Overcoming Storms of Adversity” is a strong reminder of the power and possibilities available to the person willing to turn their life over to God as their Captain.

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