• Giving God the Helm

Giving God the Helm


by Overcoming For Life

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By Mark Kuhne

Life’s trials and tribulations are very much like mighty waves bearing down on our souls. Life happens: instead of hurting and losing hope, learn how “applied” faith in God will help you avoid the worst of storms and overcome anxiety, fear and depression. Unlike many other self help books, this book helps you battle spiritual forces (including the spirit of Jezebel) with abundant possibilities that will transform your life, build your self esteem, and provide you relationship advice. Learn to use the energy from your adversities to overcome and approach your life and business in an entirely new way.

Do you feel like you are in the wilderness? Did you know there are 5 wildernesses? Discover the purpose of each wilderness. This book build’s your faith and gives you power to spiritually grow. You learn to live your Christian life in victory as an overcomer! It is a prophetic book: it comes at the time when so many today are discouraged, discontent and desperate for change in the midst of adversity. Mark, like a number of artists, has his own style of painting and writing. This book is an easy read and is filled with inspiring words of life. With over 25 years in banking, Mark Kuhne left his position as Community Bank President to pursue painting and writing full-time. Mark and his wife Kristin share their passion in life coaching to improve the lives of people, to reach souls for Christ across the world, and to introduce people to a better way of thinking that is founded on proven Biblical principles.